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We should know that the catechumens might be able to receive information about Christian Faith and Life through reading , lectures, presentations or catechetical books but a catechumen cannot learn how to actually practice and live the Christian Life by only attending these lectures or watching the videos but by hands-on doing things Christians do. This written curriculum is only part of integrated program including training in four main areas of Christian Life which include the following:

1- Training in the area of Word:

This is usually the first area of training and its typically what we think about when think  catechesis. It includes presentation of teachings and precepts. We have to know that the knowledge given in this stage or area is not a complete catechesis. That’s because a catechumen needs to learn not only the teachings of the church but also guided to a profound sense of the mystery of salvation in which they desire to participate. These Spirtual experiences are not things easily handed on by information given in a classroom. It requires being in the company of other Christians who live their faith joyfully and can communicate to others why that faith matters and has made a difference in their lives. It also calls for a training in loving the Scriptures and making it a daily part of a person’s life

2- Training in the area of community

In the area of community, a catechumen needs to learn how to live in community with people they might not agree with. The training required of this area can only be attained by spending significant time within the Christian community, meeting many different people in the church and hearing their stories. Most importantly, living the Christian communal way of life is primarily learning how to forgive others and asking for forgiveness, especially of those we find it difficult to love This area of training challenges catechumens to show the Christian spirit in their attitudes and actions in their own homes, workplaces and neighbourhoods. This is not an easy area of training for anyone, but it’s absolutely necessary if we are to be known by our love for one another, even our enemies.

3- Training in the area of worship

In this area of training, a catechumen needs to learn how to pray actively, consciously and fully both the Liturgical prayers with other Christians and his private prayers in home from Agpeya. These prayers can only by attained by gathering with community to pray. Also the catechumens need to learn how to meditate in word of God.

4- Training in the area of witness

Finally a catechumen needs to learn how to profess their faith by words and deeds publicly to the world and to work with other Christians for justice and peace, for reconciliation and care for those who are poor and marginalized. This kind of training is needed to help a person put his faith into practice. The target is to get their hands dirty working with other people of goodwill to ease the suffering of those most in need.

Aim of the Curriculum:

The aim of this curriculum for catechumens is to start teaching our Christian Orthodox Faith from the scratch. First section: It supposes that catechumen is pagan and give him/her gradually increasing doses of faith and answers to possible questions that may occupy the mind. Second section covers the Coptic Orthodox church dogma. The curriculum can be started from first section for the pagans but can be started from a second section for other Christians who have a reasonable amount of Christian Faith.

Beside the curriculum, we encourage you to visit the coptic faith page where you can find many videos that describes the Coptic faith, dogma, tradition, bible study, etc… with many different subtitles options –

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