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Church news

  • Holy Pascha Week Schedule 2024
    “Rejoice and be glad, 0 human race, for God has revealed, His love to the world. For He gave, His beloved Son, for those who believe in Him, so that they live forever. He has conquered, with His mercy, and sent unto us, His Almighty Arm. He shone in the flesh taken from the Virgin, … Read more
  • Saint Mary feast – 22 August – 16 Mesra
    In the heart of the Coptic Orthodox Church, one figure shines with divine virtues and love – Virgin Mary, the Theotokos. Her profound humility, unwavering faith and boundless love continues to inspire us all. MARY’S HUMILITY A MODEL OF FAITH Mary’s humility is a beautiful example for all of us. She embraced God’s plan with … Read more
    There are no church activities weeks 29, 30 and 31.Church’s activities will resume on Saturday 12 August. Have a great summer!
  • Happy Easter 2023
    Christ rose again having our Whole Nature in Himself Having been made man, He had our whole nature in Himself, in order to renew it and restore it to its original state… For all good things flow through Him into us too… For this reason our Saviour is called the Second Adam in the divine … Read more
  • Holy Pascha Week Schedule 2023
    * “Pasch” means “Passover.” It reminds us of the Israelites’ Passover of the Red Sea when they came out of Egypt, and slaughtered the Passover lamb. * The Holy Week is called “Pasch,” for our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sake to take us up to His heavens. * During the “Pasch” we grief … Read more

the coptic-orthodox community in denmark is soon to celebrate its 50th jubilee. the community has around 400 members and was founded by egyptian immigrants in 1970. Subsequently, the church was founded and named “st. Maria and st. Mark church”.
the church building is historical and is made from wood and built in form of noah ark symbolizing that church save us in this world. It was constructed in 1905 at frederiksberg. In 1908 the church building was moved to østerbro, and was finally moved to taastrup as a roman catholic church that was later bought by coptic church in 1996. Since then, the church has been undergoing an extensive renovation.

the copthe Coptic Church is rich in her evangelitic tradition, patriotic heritage, heavenly worship, spiritual rituals, living hymns and beautiful icons… She attracts the heart to heaven without while considering our daily life routine. We can say that it is an apostolic, modern church that carries spiritual life without deviation in the been undergoing an extensive renovation.