Coptic Nativity Fast

The Fast of the impossibles (The Nativity Fast) 💕

The Nativity Fast (Advent or Winter Lent) is the 40 days preceding the Nativity of Jesus (Christmas) on 29 Koiak (January 7, which also falls on 28 Koiak in leap years). The 40 days correspond to the 40 days that Moses fasted on the mountain before receiving the Ten Commandments from God, which were at that time considered the word of God to his people. Thus, with Christ being the Word of God, the Christians fast those 40 days in preparation of receiving the Word of God in flesh at the Feast of the Nativity.

An additional 3 days were added at the beginning of the 40 days of Advent during the 10th century to commemorate the three days that Copts fasted before God awarded them the miracle of moving the Mokattam, which lies within a suburb of Cairo, on the hands of Simon the Tanner during the rule of the Fatimid caliph al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah. Thus the fast of Advent begins on 16 Hathor (November 25, which also falls on 15 Hathor in leap years). The three added days are considered a separate fast rather than part of the fast of Advent.


The Impossible Fast (The Nativity of the Lord Fast) 💕

O Lord, let the time of fasting be full of blessings and goodness… O Lord, it will be a time when we can draw close to You.. O Lord, give consolation to every sad person and heal every sick person…. O Lord, give each one what he asks for in his heart because you are a great God. …. Nothing is impossible for you 🙏

Happy Nativity fast💕

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